Welcome and Hello: This blog is still under construction at this time, hopefully it will grow and get better as I have the time to do it. I have not spent any time working on this blog lately. I have fallen into the Leukemia Labyrinth or the maze of CLL and MBL. This blog is mostly for myself . Thanks for coming!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

First Post New Blog

As You can see this is just the first post and I am unsure about how to proceed with this as it is all new to me.  There will be some growing pains as I figure out this new blog.  I have found it so difficult to get good information that I decided to start my own website. It has been a struggle to find a good site to start out on.
cheers and have a happy day, Nora


  1. I would be so happy if you would leave a comment note for me. cheers, Nora

  2. I'm posting a comment on your first post just to make sure it's all working properly :)

  3. Thanks so much Betty. My comment box did not work for several months!


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