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Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Wonderful Book on CLL

There is a great book all on CLL, here is a link to it.  It is a pdf file from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

I really find their website, the Leukemia Society, to be so great. It is a lot of info but if you just do a little each day it is not so overwhelming.  I guess it is a matter of trying to focus on one part of the information depending upon what stage you are at. And also to remember not to do too much on this topic.  You have to remember that living is not all about CLL.  This blog is about that subject but it is important to get out and walk in nature and remember who you are as a person on this earth .

 While we go on a discovery of what CLL is we can also discover who we are and what we wanted to do with our time here on this planet at this time in history.

Read books and poetry, draw little pictures, take up a new hobby, smell the flowers and keep a positive attitude.  It can take you far away.  Have a wonderful happy day!  


  1. I would be so happy if you would leave a comment note for me. cheers, Nora

  2. Nora tus blogs son una constante de la Naturaleza el amor por ella!!

    Debe cuidarse y valorar lo que nos han regalado en la tierra..bellezas para admirar y no destruir

    Una hermosa entrada

    Con cariño desde España Victoria


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